Turi (Hindu traditions) in Bangladesh
pronounced: TOO-ree

How tragic it is in the Hindu caste system to be born a Dalit (untouchable), to be shunned by much of society, denied entrance into temples, and excluded from many functions of the rest of society! The traditional occupation of the Turis is working with bamboo and making items such as baskets, mats, hats, and furniture. Others work as landless agricultural laborers. Over one third of the Turis are unable to read or write.

Ministry Obstacles: Illiteracy eliminates many opportunities for them to improve their lives economically and spiritually, and illiteracy is also a main obstacle of reaching the Turi with the gospel. They are convinced that they can someday be reincarnated into a higher caste community if they follow the rules given them from the Hindu religious establishment. Thus, they do not understand grace and mercy.

Outreach Ideas: They might respond to oral stories and movies about Jesus, but printed materials would not be a good way to reach them.

Scripture Focus: "He loves whatever is just and good; the unfailing love of the Lord fills the earth." Psalm 33:5

Scripture Prayer: May this people group seek and find the Lord’s unfailing love!

Prayer Focus: Pray for the Holy Spirit to work powerfully through believers who are ministering to the Turi people. Pray for Turi families to turn to the loving arms of God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. May they come to know that they are highly loved in His holy kingdom.


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