Hani in Vietnam
pronounced: HA-nee

How do you grow rice if you live in the mountains? The answer is to build terraces or flat plots of land along the slopes, which has been the practice of the Hani people of northern Vietnam for hundreds of years. In addition, raising cattle has been an increasing source of income for the Hani. They live in plaster and wooden houses in villages of 50 households. The Hani believe that spirits inhabit objects of nature and that these spirits must be appeased by prayers and offerings, or they may bring disaster.

Ministry Obstacles: The Hani have been animists, and they have venerated their ancestors for hundreds of years. Their trust is in spirits that are not submitted to the Lord. The Vietnamese government will not allow foreign missionaries to enter the Hani areas.

Outreach Ideas: The JESUS Film is available in the Hani language. Vietnamese believers can take this valuable gospel tool to the Hani.

Scripture Focus: "As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God." Psalm 42:1

Scripture Prayer: Pray for this kind of longing for the Lord among today’s people group!

Prayer Focus: Pray that the small group of Hani believers would grow strong in the faith. Pray that the Lord would provide faithful pastors for them. Pray the Lord would overcome the darkness that currently fills the lives of the Hani. Pray that each Hani village would have the opportunity to hear the saving message of Christ, resulting in a movement to Christ.


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