Giay in Vietnam
pronounced: zay

Twice a year the Giay people of northern Vietnam gather at the largest tree in the village area. There, they sacrifice pigs and chickens to the forest spirits to gain their favor for the next half year. The Giay live in houses built on stilts near rivers in the mountains, and they practice folk religion and venerate their ancestors. Agriculture is their main source of income. Each Giay village owns communal or shared land, and each Giay family also farms its own private plot of land.

Ministry Obstacles: The Giay live in isolated areas. Vietnamese believers will have to make an effort to travel to these rural places to bring the Giay the gospel.

Outreach Ideas: The Giay need access to modern medicine and improved agricultural techniques. Vietnamese believers can go to them to provide these services and point them to Jesus Christ in the process.

Scripture Focus: "I am on the verge of collapse, facing constant pain. But I confess my sins; I am deeply sorry for what I have done." Psalm 38:17-18

Scripture Prayer: Pray that this people group finds peace and salvation when they confess their sins to the Lord.

Prayer Focus: A tiny number of Giay have become followers of Christ. Pray that they would be established in the faith and share the good news with their families and friends. Pray for whole families and villages to come to the knowledge of God. Pray that the Giay come to understand that God's power is much greater than that of the spirits of nature and ancestors they worship.


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