Bosniaks in Turkey
pronounced: BOZZ-nee-ak

Considered to be one of Europe's least evangelized peoples, the Bosniaks who live beyond their ancient borders are war refugees from the early 1990s who are trying to maintain their cultural and religious values. Many have settled in cities like Istanbul, Turkey, where given some time, their children have begun to speak Turkish. Streets in Istanbul have been renamed in Bosnian to reflect the population that now lives in Turkey.

Ministry Obstacles: Currently, most Bosniaks adhere to Sunni Islam. Years spent in eastern Europe during the days of Soviet occupation have influenced many to abandon Islam, so many are atheist or almost atheist. However, they are reluctant to embrace Christ, thinking that Christianity is the religious system of others.

Outreach Ideas: Resources include a full translation of the Bible and the JESUS Film in the Bosnian language. These can easily be given to the Bosniaks in Istanbul, so long as there is discretion.

Scripture Focus: "The Lord gives His people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace." Psalm 29:11

Scripture Prayer: Pray for new believers among this people group to be blessed with strength and peace.

Prayer Focus: Pray for exposure to Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior. Pray that many would repent and be saved from their sins with the preaching of the gospel by the Bosnian people. Pray that the Lord would raise up workers that would begin movements to Christ among Bosniaks, whether they are in Eastern Europe or Turkey.


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