Dhanuk in India
pronounced: dah-NOOK

The Dhanuk build their houses in clusters in the river basins and on the edges of forests. They are occupied with fishing and animal husbandry, and many earn their livelihood by working as agriculture laborers and household servants. Dhanuks believe in magic, witchcraft and ghosts. They are divided into two groups in terms of religion: those who worship Kali are called Kaliyaha and others are called Maharkhiya.

Ministry Obstacles: The Dhanuk community speaks nearly 30 languages. Evangelistic and church planting projects need to accommodate these language subdivisions.

Outreach Ideas: Christian workers can take the good news of Jesus to these people by recounting stories from Scripture, helping them discover the nuggets of meaning in the stories. Gospel recordings and films will also be useful. Pray the Lord will give Dhanuk families understanding and responsive hearts as they hear about the love of Christ.

Scripture Focus: "The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship." Ps 19:1

Scripture Prayer: Pray that many from today’s people group will look to the sky, see God’s artwork, and commit themselves to following this awesome savior!

Prayer Focus: There are no known followers of Jesus among the Dhanuk community today, but pray for those he is now preparing to come to himself. Pray for an environment in which they can become established in the faith. Pray for the low caste Dhanuk community to be able to care properly for their families, and to raise their standard of living as needed. Pray they will make schooling a high priority for their children, and that schools will be available.


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