Naikda in India
pronounced: NIKE-duh

Considered among the poorest people in the country, the Naikdas are looked down upon by their neighbors. Unfortunately, the consumption of alcohol is a regular practice, which makes their problems even worse.

Ministry Obstacles: The Naikda people are Hindu while also practicing folk religion and animism. The Naikdas worship multiple Hindu gods rather than the one true God.

Outreach Ideas: Pray that Christian schools will be established so that children can learn spiritual truths along with life skills. Pray that the Naikda children will be able to read the Bible in their language.

Scripture Focus: "My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”" Psalm 27:8

Scripture Prayer: Pray that many from today’s people group will crave fellowship with the One True God.

Prayer Focus: Pray that future hearers of the gospel will have the courage to be the first believers in their communities and share this exciting news with others. Pray that while the Naikda people seek for basic physical provision, God will bless them with the abundant spiritual provision that He has promised to anyone who is willing to accept His guidance. Pray for new believers to understand Christ's lordship and spread his fame far and wide.


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