Dhangar Bharwad in India
pronounced: den-GUR BAR-vahd

The word dhangar is derived from the Sanskrit word dhenu, meaning cow. They keep a special breed of cows and buffalo known as Dhangar mhasi and Dhangar gai. Children are named after ancestors, gods and goddesses. The sacred thread is worn during marriage. The deities specially worshipped are Khandoba and Biroba. Their literacy rate is very low.

Ministry Obstacles: Their low literacy rate is an obstacle if the Gospel comes to them only in printed form, but isn't necessarily a large obstacle if it comes in oral form.

Outreach Ideas: Teams to carry Gospel films, recordings and stories from Scripture will be helpful.

Scripture Focus: "You alone are the Lord. You made the heavens, the heaven of heavens with all their angels. You have made the earth and all that is on it, and the seas and all that is in them. You give life to all of them, and the angels of heaven bow down to You." Neh 9:6

Scripture Prayer: May the hearing of God’s word lead to this people group understanding who God is and the fact that He gave them life.

Prayer Focus: Pray that many of the Dhangar Bharwad will come to love God with their whole being and will walk in His ways. Pray Christian believers among the Dhangar community will become mature in the faith, able to have a bold, kind witness for Jesus to their neighbors. Pray the Dhangar will increasingly hunger to know the creator God in a personal way.


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