Han Chinese, Shaozhou in China
pronounced: SHAOW-zhoh

For centuries, the northern part of Guangdong Province has been a crossroad for migrating peoples. This has caused a wide range of influences on the local Shaozhou Han Chinese population, especially in regard to their language. Though this language in printed form is identical to other Han languages, its spoken form is far different. In general, Han Chinese peoples like the Shaozhou consider themselves culturally superior to the minority groups in China. Many of these nearly one million people live in Guangzhou City, the primary trade route to mainland China. It is located on the Pearl River, and very close to Hong Kong, traditionally one of China’s key locations for trade.

Ministry Obstacles: Shaozhou people have a strong need to retain their distinct identity. This identity is wrapped in communist leaders and their traditional way of doing things. It is very difficult for outsiders to convince people like this that they lack the Savior.

Outreach Ideas: There are other Han Chinese peoples who have many Christ followers. They might be able to get through to the Shaozhou people.

Scripture Focus: "All the people saw Ezra open the book, for he was standing above all of them. And all the people stood up when he opened it. 6 Then Ezra gave honor and thanks to the Lord the great God. And all the people answered, “Let it be so!” while lifting up their hands. They bowed low with their faces to the ground and worshiped the Lord." Neh 8:5-6

Scripture Prayer: May this people group have Holy Spirit reverence for the Lord when they hear His word.

Prayer Focus: Pray for a disciple making movement to spread far and wide among them this decade. Pray for a spiritual hunger that will lead the Shaozhou people to the only Savior. Pray for intercessors and workers among them.


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