Jhalo Malo in India
pronounced: JOH-loh MOH-loh

Pulling in their homespun nylon fishing nets and praying that Ma Ganga (mother Ganges) give them a good catch has long been part of the lives of the Jhalo Malo people of West Bengal. Modern methods of fishing have also decreased their ability to make a living, and many have become landless farmers or seek low paying labor jobs.

Ministry Obstacles: Although they are ranked as one of the lowest in the caste hierarchy, they feel that the Hindu gods, especially Vishnu, Rama, and Krishna, have given them an important job, solidifying their devotion to these gods. The Jhalo Malo people live in West Bengal where there are very few potential ambassadors of Christ outside of Kolkotta.

Outreach Ideas: Believers with the gift of story-telling and song-writing can go to them and share the gospel using these popular and well-accepted venues.

Scripture Focus: "The king asked, “Well, how can I help you?” With a prayer to the God of heaven …" Neh 2:4

Scripture Prayer: Pray that you will not pass up the chance for short, but effective prayers when you intercede for the nations.

Prayer Focus: Pray that the few believers among the Jhalo Malo will become Holy Spirit-anointed fishers of men in their community. Pray for a powerful movement to Christ among the Jhalo Malo that will spread to other fishing communities in West Bengal.


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