Kumhiar (Muslim traditions) in India
pronounced: KOOM-ee-ar

The Kumhiar people (not to be confused with the Kumhar potters) live in Jammu and Kashmir, straddling India and Pakistan. Many of them farm for a living in this high elevation where crops are hard to grow. Potatoes and wheat are important crops.

Ministry Obstacles: Islam, the religion of the Kumhiar people, is both a bridge and an obstacle to the gospel. It’s a bridge in that Muslims understand that they answer to the God of Creation and Jesus is an important prophet. It’s an obstacle in that they believe that Jesus is not the only way to find a right relationship with God.

Outreach Ideas: Believers who go to Kashmir as tourists can take copies of the JESUS Film and gospel recordings to these people who now depend on their own righteousness to reach the God of Heaven.

Scripture Focus: "May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully for what you have done." Ruth 2:12

Scripture Prayer: Pray for today’s people group to seek and find refuge with the Lord and be rewarded.

Prayer Focus: Pray that this will be the decade where the Holy Spirit penetrates their hearts and heads in a big way! Pray for new opportunities to take Christ to Kashmir this decade, leading to a Disciple-Making Movement.


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