Brunei Malay of Brunei

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Brunei Malay of Brunei

Brunei Malay is the name used to refer to several very closely related and assimilated groups of indigenous peoples in Brunei. Although they are ethnically related to the Malay and share the Islamic religion, there are many cultural and linguistic differences that make the Brunei Malay distinct from the larger Malay populations. They write in Bahasa Malaysia but they speak in Brunei Malay, which is uniquely different in sound from spoken Malay. As the indigenous people of the land, the Brunei Malay generally enjoy special privileges and benefit from oil wealth. All Brunei Malay are classified as Muslims at birth. However, individual beliefs will often be influenced by tribal religions of their ancestors.

Ministry Obstacles

Material wealth often prevents people from accepting that they are spiritually paupers, when they don't have Christ.

Outreach Ideas

Gospel radio and television will provide access to these people, but should be accompanied by much prayer.

Pray for the followers of Christ

There are very few believers in this group. Pray that they may see that the Great Commission compels them to take the Good News to their neighbors.

Pray for the entire people group

Pray these prosperous people will increasingly see the poverty of anyone without Christ, and will seek true wealth.

Scripture Focus

"All nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to your name." Psalm 86:9

People Name: Brunei Malay
Country: Brunei
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 183,000
World Population: 543,000
Language: Brunei
Primary Religion: Islam
Bible: None
Online Audio NT: No
Jesus Film: No
Audio Recordings: No
Christ Followers: Few, less than 2%
Status: Unreached
Progress Level: progress level image