Kashmiri (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan

Unreached of the Day  8/04/2021

Kashmiri (Muslim traditions) in Pakistan

The Kashmiris live in Jammu and Kashmir, a breathtaking region that is located in the western Himalayan Mountains of northwestern India and northeastern Pakistan. Unfortunately, this is a highly disputed area. It has been a battleground between India, Pakistan, and China since the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, so all three countries control part of Jammu and Kashmir, and sporadic fighting continues among the three. More than ninety percent of Jammu and Kashmir is mountainous. Most of the region is under snow and glaciers all year due to its extreme elevation. Most of the Kashmiris are farmers or livestock herders.

Ministry Obstacles

Jammu and Kashmir is a remote part of the world, and it is often a war zone. They also suffer from natural disasters like earthquakes.

Outreach Ideas

Kashmiris are friendly, and they have a tourist industry for those brave enough to take chances. Believers can enter as tourists during the warmer months and have contact with these Sunni Muslims.

Scripture Focus

"Heal me, Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise."  Jeremiah 17:14

Scripture Prayer

Pray for this people group to seek and find the Lord’s healing touch.

Prayer Focus

There are no known followers of Christ among Kashmiris in Pakistan. Pray for the few believers among Kashmiris in India to reach out to them. * Pray for a just and lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir. * Pray for the ordeals they have faced to give Kashmiris a desire for true holiness and righteousness. * Pray for workers to go to the Kashmiris and begin a disciple-making movement. * Pray for Kashmiris to be transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit.

People Name Kashmiri (Muslim traditions)
Country Pakistan
10/40 Window Yes
Population 1,307,000
World Population 7,988,000
Language Kashmiri
Primary Religion Islam
Bible Complete
Online Audio NT No
Jesus Film Yes
Audio Recordings Yes
Christ Followers Few, less than 2%
Status Unreached
Progress Level: progress level image