Yinuo Nosu in China

Unreached of the Day  7/05/2021

Yinuo Nosu in China

pronounced: Yee-nuoh Nor-soo

The Yinuo Nosu took slaves and fought against the Chinese authorities and other Nosu groups for centuries, until they were disarmed and the slave system abolished by the Communists in the early 1950s. Still today, the Yinuo Nosu remain an aggressive and fierce people. The various branches of the Nosu have a detailed legend of a great flood.

Ministry Obstacles

Intimidating mountains, rugged terrain, and cultural and linguistic barriers have prevented the Gospel from spreading to the Yinuo Nosu.

Outreach Ideas

The flood legend in their culture can be used as a springboard to introduce them to Scripture.

Scripture Focus

"Lord, we show our trust in you by obeying your laws; our heart’s desire is to glorify your name."  Isaiah 26:8

Scripture Prayer

Pray that many from this people group will trust the Lord, obey Him, and glorify His name through their actions.

Prayer Focus

There may be a few followers of Christ among the Yinuo people group. Pray they will fellowship together, growing in the knowledge of Christ. Pray they will be completely humble and gentle toward one another. Pray for the material and physical needs of the Yinuo, as well as for their spiritual needs.

People Name Yinuo Nosu
PronunciationYee-nuoh Nor-soo
Country China
10/40 Window Yes
Population 674,000
World Population 674,000
Language Nuosu
Primary Religion Ethnic Religions
Bible New Testament
Online Audio NT No
Jesus Film Yes
Audio Recordings Yes
Christ Followers Few, less than 2%
Status Unreached
Progress Level: progress level image