Sayyid in Bangladesh

Unreached of the Day  6/25/2020

Sayyid in Bangladesh

pronounced: SAH-yeed

The Sayyids or Syed are among the largest of Muslim communities of India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They occupy the highest of social class among Muslims. They are traditionally the priests and religious teachers of the Muslim communities. More recently, they can be found in a host of government service, teaching, and business occupations. They marry mainly within their own clans. Sayyids can be found in both major sect divisions of the Shia and the Sunni.

Ministry Obstacles

Because of their position as religious teachers and priests they are considered 100% Muslim in each of the countries where their live, including Bangladesh. It is very difficult for someone who has high status in a religious community to be willing to give their prestige up for the sake of following Christ.

Outreach Ideas

Because of the sheer religious and political weight that Sayyids carry in their respective communities, a transformed Sayyid leader could have influence like that of the apostle Paul in his day. Whole districts could become followers of Jesus if leaders came to know and trust the Truth. Pray for dreams and visions among these people during this month.

Prayer Items

Since there are no known believers in Christ yet among the Sayyids in Bangladesh, pray that the Holy Spirit will draw many to Christ in any way that is appropriate. * Communities love uniformity; for that reason, Sayyids feel threatened by believers who reach out to their people to pull them into a foreign-appearing church fellowship. Therefore, pray that entire Sayyid families and clans will be drawn to follow Jesus Christ together.

Scripture Focus

"Through whom we have received grace and apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of his name among all the nations." Romans 1:5

People Name Sayyid
Country Bangladesh
10/40 Window Yes
Population 1,186,000
World Population 17,132,000
Language Bengali
Primary Religion Islam
Bible Complete
Online Audio NT Yes
Jesus Film Yes
Audio Recordings Yes
Christ Followers Few, less than 2%
Status Unreached
Progress Level: progress level image