Bania Chetti in India

Unreached of the Day  4/29/2019

Bania Chetti in India

pronounced: bahn-YAH CHEH-tee

The Chetti or Chettiar Bania are a people who live in south India. Some have moved to the nearby island nation of Sri Lanka. The word Chetti means "trader." Their primary occupations are agriculture and small businesses. They grow rice, sugar, bananas, vegetables, and other crops. Some Chetti have their own land to cultivate while others work on land owned by others. The Chetti speak, read and write in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu.

Ministry Obstacles

Chetti businesspersons may lose business and income if they become believers.

Outreach Ideas

Films, Bibles and radio programs are available in the three languages that the Chetti speak. Hindu background believers can share the blessings of knowing Christ with the Chetti.

Prayer Items

There are no known followers of Christ among the Chetti at the present time. Pray the Lord brings many Chetti to himself soon. * Pray for this people group to seek and find the spiritual riches of Christ. * Pray that God will lead the Chetti into the light of Christ so they may experience His blessings. * Pray that the Lord will give Chetti families understanding and responsive hearts as they hear about the love of Christ.

Scripture Focus

"Therefore I will praise you among the nations, O Lord; I will sing praises to your name." Psalm 18:49

People Name Bania Chetti
Pronunciation:bahn-YAH CHEH-tee
Country India
10/40 Window Yes
Population 740,000
World Population 746,000
Language Tamil
Primary Religion Hinduism
Bible Complete
Online Audio NT Yes
Jesus Film Yes
Audio Recordings Yes
Christ Followers Few, less than 2%
Status Unreached
Progress Level: progress level image