Dangi in India

Unreached of the Day  3/21/2021

Dangi in India

pronounced: DAHN-gee

The Hindu Dangi or Dangs Bhil live in the rocky, hilly forests of western central India. They are primarily located in the Dangs district of Gujarat State. Dangi, their native language, is the language of trade in this region. Today, the Dangi live in extreme poverty, and their social lives are built around the search for food. They have always lived close to nature, depending on it for survival. Animals are respected and treated as equals. For this reason, they are often called the "children of nature." The Dangi district contains many protected forests that the Dangi are allowed to use for cultivation and residence. They live in one-room bamboo huts made with thatched roofs.

Ministry Obstacles

The poverty of the Dangi may be an obstacle. If they are concerned only on how to survive, they may not be interested in learning about Jesus and what he offers them.

Outreach Ideas

Workers can help the Dangi learn job skills. Teachers can their children learn to read and write. Christian NGOs can help bring electricity and clean water to Dangi villages.

Scripture Focus

Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me. Ps 51:10

Scripture Prayer

Pray for leaders among this people group to have hearts that seek to be clean before the Lord, and that they will teach others His ways.

Prayer Focus

Currently there may be no followers of Christ in the Dangi people. Pray that Hindu background believers will live with them and tell them about Jesus. * Pray the Dangi will be lifted out of poverty by the strong hand of the Lord. * Pray that the Lord will send forth laborers to live among the Dangi tribes. * Ask God to grant wisdom and favor to mission agencies focusing on the Dangi.

People Name Dangi
Country India
10/40 Window Yes
Population 706,000
World Population 724,000
Language Hindi
Primary Religion Hinduism
Bible Complete
Online Audio NT Yes
Jesus Film Yes
Audio Recordings Yes
Christ Followers Few, less than 2%
Status Unreached
Progress Level: progress level image