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Wiwa in Colombia
pronounced: WEE-wah

Who are these men, all dressed in white with long black hair? They are the Malayo, also known as Wiwa people. They live in the valleys of the Sierra Nevada Mountains of north Colombia. The Malayo have a democratic way of governing. Every few weeks, the men gather at night to discuss and vote on the various issues their tribe faces. Village shamans act as leaders and are in charge of carrying out the decisions.

Ministry Obstacles: The Wiwa suffer from extreme poverty. Child malnutrition is a major problem. In addition, the Wiwa are struggling to keep their land from encroachment of Spanish-speaking settlers. Education among the Wiwa is almost non-existent.

Outreach Ideas: Linguists are currently developing an alphabet for the Malayo language. An alphabet could lead to a ministry of teaching God's truth from the Bible.

Scripture Focus: "Surely his salvation is near to those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land."
- Psalm 85:9

Prayer Focus Pray for the land of this people group to soon be filled with His glory and mercy! A tiny fraction of the Wiwa are believers. Pray that they would grow in the faith and be bold in sharing the good news. Pray that Wiwa parents would be able to provide for their children. Pray that teams would go to the Wiwa to help with both their physical and spiritual needs. Pray that God would raise up many disciples among the Wiwa in this decade.


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